Project: NOY! Digital: A Train Line To An Ocean

A digital interpolation of an analogue performance by Tom Moore.

title: A Train Line To An Ocean
created: 2006/01

This work was commissioned by artist Tom Moore, and comprises half of NOY!, a project based upon the conceptual elements of an archetypal piece of euphoric trance.

Its analogue counterpart, Roses Don't Grow On A Sailor's Grave, is a fundamentally human operation: twenty participants carry looping cassette recorders around a board in accordance to a series of instructions, each playing a single bar of Paul Oakenfold's "Not Over Yet" at some point around the song's climactic moment.

"A Train Line To An Ocean" is a binary implementation of the same concept (using Processing), in which the listener is located within a digital plane and subjected to the simulated movement of the same twenty sound sources. In this space, there is no possibility of collision, confusion, misinterpretation or accident.



This piece was installed (for monitor and stereo headphones) at the Camberwell College of Arts Drawing degree show, 2006.