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Windows Startup Sounds (slowed 4000%)

It is twenty years since the birth of Windows 95, released to the world on August 24, 1995. With the widening availability of SoundBlaster sound cards in the mid-90s, the sonic experience of the operating system became a key issue for the first time. Microsoft acknowledged this fact by commissioning Brian Eno to compose a short signature sound for Windows 95. Latterly known as "The Microsoft Sound", the brief was to evoke a utopian sense of optimism and futurism, chiming with Microsoft's vision of Windows 95 as the OS of the future. Eno describes the experience as "like making a tiny little jewel".

In homage, I've made a series of extended edits that hold a microscope up to these jewel-like sounds. Six Windows startup tones, from 95 to Vista, are slowed to 4000% of their original speed, transforming each into an ambient piece of several minutes' duration, and amplifying the internal structures of these iconic, dream-like sounds.

Read more about the sound designers responsible for creating these startup sounds courtesy of Create Digital Music.

New work at GDS EXPO 2010

The Goldsmiths Digital Studios (GDS) is a new audiovisual interaction laboratory here at Goldsmiths, University of London. We're celebrating its opening with GDS EXPO 2010, a day of seminars, installations and performances taking place next Wednesday (17 Feb).


As part of the launch, I'll be showing a new AV work in the studio's ambisonic space, hooking into the 3D motion capture and projection system. Above is an advance screen grab; more info, video and code coming soon...