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What They Could Do, They Did... this week

Not one, but three What They Could Do, They Did-related events this week for your delectation, all with free entry as usual...

The Pictures (Barden's Boudier, Wednesday 18 Feb)
The latest installment of London's most entrenched underground film club, curated by Garry Sykes. This month featuring "Silver Jew" (exclusive UK screening), live music from Trace Fluids and The Super Shirani Nitemare Band, plus Boring Girls DJs, bingo, free popcorn...

icon: flyer A+B=C
Escape, Herne Hill, Thursday 19 Feb)

All bases are manned with our thrilling collaboration with Brighton's Beatabet collective (beatabet.net) for this month's Escape, featuring AK/DK, The Beatabet Band, The Capsized Smiles and so very much more.

icon: flyer "In C"
The Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, Saturday 21 Feb, 3pm

As part of the "24 Fragments" event (thefragmentedorchestra.com), we're performing Terry Riley's classic piece of unpredictable modern minimalism "In C" using a homebrewed ensemble specially trained for the purpose. Also accompanied by a talk by the Stroke Assocation.

Edinburgh windup


So, the Edinburgh micro-festival is over, and echoes of megaphones, filmreels, synthesizers and lasers are beginning to fade to half-real memories. We'll be collating the photographic highlights on the What They Could Do website imminently. Many thanks to the wild assortment of friends, strangers and co-conspirators who made it the magic that it was...

What They Could Do, They Did, Edinburgh 2008

It's busy season again. The dead laptop has returned from its 5-week absence to be greeted with a nonstop influx of work: some for The Fragmented Orchestra, whose systems development is now well underway, giving me a new insight into the perils of pthreads, concurrent programming and network resilience; soundtracking this unbelievably auteured gem, alongside filmmaker Garry Sykes; and, most of all, this:

The annual show by What They Could Do is once more almost upon us, and as frantic preparations come to a close, a thrilling lineup has emerged from the dust, featuring the world premiere of Karaoke amongst other things. One week to go...

Previews of the Glitch-a-Sketch


I've been tasked with curating and co-ordinating this Thursday's episode of the monthly What They Could Do: Escape! event series. It's billed as "an "incandescent spectacle of all things electric", with the rough idea that each of the acts are working in some way with electricity - see the full lineup for more details. I'm particularly excited to finally be able to see the marvellous Strange Attractor vs Disinformation in the flesh, after recently catching screenings of their performances at Open Source City.

I've also used this as motivation to realise the long-germinating idea of the "Glitch-a-Sketch", a modified version of a TV Etch-a-Sketch game which will be projected onto a big screen at the event and playable by visitors. As the sketcher draws on screen, a second "player" can experimentally short-circuit the innards of the device via a series of exposed wires, creating chaotic glitch graphics as shown above.

Free gig this Thursday: WTCD Escape


I won't repeat verbatim what I've just written on the Ad Hoc blog - but I'm playing in this guise, along with the Capsized Smiles, in Herne Hill this Friday. Should be a good'un, and, like the rest of the WTCD: Escape events, it's freee.

I'm intending to curate one of the later editions of the Escape series, and have been harvesting appealing propositions from around the UK for a riotous bleepfest. More on this soon.

What They Could Do, They Did at Ginglik, this Thursday


For 2008, What They Could Do, They Did are intending to shift their focus away from monolithic multi-day shows, instead staging a number of one-day (or -night) events around London and the wider world. The first of these is taking place this Thursday night at Ginglik, Shepherd's Bush, and features an assortment of music, film and DJs, including the first Ad Hoc + Mixpaste audio/video remix set for quite some time.

More info here....

Project updates: NOY! Digital, Score treatments, Ad Hoc

K http://www.erase.net/projects/

As part of an effort to gather together material on all of the various things that I've been involved with over the past couple of years, I've expanded or created a handful of new project pages: