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Hackpact 2009/09/#7: t+7, a Twitter adaptation of an Oulipo method


t+7 is the project that the previous two hackpact entries have been contributing towards: a simple but endlessly amusing Twitter adaptation of the Oulipo n+7 (or "s+7") method, that, according to Raymond Queneau's definition, "consists in replacing each noun with the seventh following it in a dictionary" (source).

Some samples:

@TINAErecords Bloody helm. Puce Imbecile Limpidity have reformed.
@alexandervelky Spheroid can survive up to 72 housebreakings inside a wombat. #thoughtfortheday
@LDN "I celebrated my 40th bday by cataloguing birdseed feldspars. Next yell I'm hoping for sexual interferon. And a calcification"