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Complexity and Networks meeting on music, beauty and neuroscience

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Imperial's Complexity and Networks group are hosting a day-long meeting on music, beauty perception and neuroscience this coming May (Wednesday 19th). With a focus on the neural correlates of creative and aesthetic processes, and the complex dynamics thereof, it's one not to miss for art-and-emergence junkies.

See the attached list of talks (PDF) for more info.

New work at GDS EXPO 2010

The Goldsmiths Digital Studios (GDS) is a new audiovisual interaction laboratory here at Goldsmiths, University of London. We're celebrating its opening with GDS EXPO 2010, a day of seminars, installations and performances taking place next Wednesday (17 Feb).


As part of the launch, I'll be showing a new AV work in the studio's ambisonic space, hooking into the 3D motion capture and projection system. Above is an advance screen grab; more info, video and code coming soon...

James Bulley

K http://www.jamesjbulley.com/

ooxxooJames is a composer and artist, based in nearby New Cross, at whose talent and prolificness I never cease to marvel. He's got his digital act together with a long-overdue web portfolio at jamesjbulley.com, including his recent piece "Equal Temperance", a composition based on recordings from the 29 pianos that comprised Luke Jerram's fine Play Me, I'm Yours. I'm currently working on a remix based on these half-environmental/half-performative recordings, which we're discussing transforming into a somewhat larger project...

James' blog, Soul Blending, is also an essential curation of unmissable bits: check out this hilarious exposée of the Wilhelm scream.

Forthcoming sound/art events in South London

So it seems that 2009 has hit the ground running with cultural happenings in S/SE London. The Goldsmiths institution of the Thursday Club, a mostly-weekly showcase for innovative new works, kicks off with two talks on sensory interfaces by Ryan Jordan and Artemis Papageorgiou (today, 15 January, free). This is followed by the first of the monthly Electronic Music Studios concerts (16 January, free), at which I'll be performing with AtomSwarm on their 8-channel diffusion system.

Also related to Goldsmiths, though taking place further north, is a 2-day show of events and performances organised by students from Goldsmiths MFA Curating and Royal College of Art Curating Masters. Contested Ground is at Project Space 176 in Chalk Farm this Saturday/Sunday (16-17 January, free). I'll be heading down with Mike and others for the series of multi platform events on Saturday, followed by the amusingly-nomenclatured "artist disco" in the evening.

Gasworks in Vauxhall, meanwhile, is staging a radiophonic intervention by the Resonance FM Radio Orchestra on Friday (15 January, free) as part of its exhibition of South London artist-inventor Felix Thorn's amazing machines. Also features the long-awaited face off between sound theorist Nicolas Collins and SuperCollider/livecoding veteran Nick Collins, described in a mailout thus:

a live coding vs. live circuit building competition with Nick Collins (Sussex University) versus Nicolas Collins (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), vying for the annual award of the "Nic(k) Collins Cup," an exquisite ceramic vessel commissioned from Devon potter Nic Collins (no relation).

Finally, Herne Hill's 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning are hosting two further events as part of their current exhibition People, Signs and Resistance (28 Jan & 11 Feb, free). Next up is an audience with Sam The Wheels, a first-generation Jamaican migrant who arrived in London in the 1950s and has since been capturing video footage of the area which should be essential viewing for those interested in local heritage — through the Brixton Riots to their legacy.

Free gig this Thursday: WTCD Escape


I won't repeat verbatim what I've just written on the Ad Hoc blog - but I'm playing in this guise, along with the Capsized Smiles, in Herne Hill this Friday. Should be a good'un, and, like the rest of the WTCD: Escape events, it's freee.

I'm intending to curate one of the later editions of the Escape series, and have been harvesting appealing propositions from around the UK for a riotous bleepfest. More on this soon.

Your Collective: Camberwell arts group seeks proposals

Your Collective is a group of art students based at Camberwell College of Art (including What They Could Do's Josh Pollen) whose stated aim is to accept and execute proposals from the public realm. The resulting work will then be displayed in their online gallery space.

They're currently seeking proposals, ideas and briefs for their first call, based around photographic work.

Tell us what to do. Please include whether you want us complete your brief in an hour, a day or a week.

The suggestions can be abstract or literal, should primarily be of photographic nature though. We have the last word, so to speak. We will interpret the briefs subjectively after our own ideas and select the medium (sculpture, short film, photograph...) . The final outcome will probably be some kind of interactive online gallery.

Send your proposals directly via email (yourcollective (at) yahoo (dot) com) or post it on our blog: YOUR COLLECTIVE.

Here are some possible examples for proposals:

- Find a solution
- Take a picture of dirty laundry
- Photograph your happiness
- Make somebody happy
- Look up, look down
- Be bold
- Create an image that doesn't last