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A Dove In The Bell Jar

Next month at the Greenwich Gallery, my significant other Julia has a solo exhibition of her photomicrography practice. With a laboratory-grade microscope and digital SLR camera, she explores the hidden microworlds of cellular biology, crystallography, and more.

Alongside a whole series of aluminium-mounted prints, she will be in the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays with the microscope, projecting a live video feed of microscopic specimens onto a plasma display.

You want something teeny looking at? Bring it down.

A Dove In The Bell Jar
Greenwich Gallery
London, SE10 8RS
21 June 3 July 2013

For much more, check out the eponymous blog: A Dove In The Bell Jar

The Big Picture: Gold

K http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/01/gold.html

Collections such as this series on the gold industry are why I am endlessly infatuated with The Big Picture - hands down, the richest and most fulfilling source of photojournalism on the web. The scaled-down images below seem like weedy thumbnails in comparison! Unmissable.

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Tropical island blimp hangar + Christopher Morlinghaus

blimp hangar island

This is where I'd like to spend my next holiday: a tropical island-world enclosed within an ex-blimp-hangar south of Berlin.

Photographed by Christopher Morlinghaus, whose staggering architectural photography flips between the geometrically pure and viscerally complex.

(via @mariuswatz)

New on the web

New stuff, and some old:

  • erase labs are an ancient gathering ground for experiments and web doodles, defunct until recently when I was encouraged to revive them by the simple starfield CSS sketch. All source code provided.
  • In my day job, as web developer at Goldsmiths art college, we've just relaunched the Student and Staff parts of the site, the first phases of a comprehensive restructure/redesign. It's quite an improvement.
  • Photos are also now up from the Ad Hoc gig at Cybersonica Çonic Social. Good night in a good little venue.

New Ad Hoc live mix and photographs

K http://www.adhoc.fm/

I've been gigging around more as Ad Hoc over the past few weeks, from a warehouse party in the industrial hinterland surrounding the Blackwall Tunnel, to next Wednesday's Cybersonica Çonic Social. As a consequence, I've spruced up the website with a series of new photos plus a recording of last night's live set at Dust, Clerkenwell.

There's also much more original material coming soon...

Your Collective: Camberwell arts group seeks proposals

Your Collective is a group of art students based at Camberwell College of Art (including What They Could Do's Josh Pollen) whose stated aim is to accept and execute proposals from the public realm. The resulting work will then be displayed in their online gallery space.

They're currently seeking proposals, ideas and briefs for their first call, based around photographic work.

Tell us what to do. Please include whether you want us complete your brief in an hour, a day or a week.

The suggestions can be abstract or literal, should primarily be of photographic nature though. We have the last word, so to speak. We will interpret the briefs subjectively after our own ideas and select the medium (sculpture, short film, photograph...) . The final outcome will probably be some kind of interactive online gallery.

Send your proposals directly via email (yourcollective (at) yahoo (dot) com) or post it on our blog: YOUR COLLECTIVE.

Here are some possible examples for proposals:

- Find a solution
- Take a picture of dirty laundry
- Photograph your happiness
- Make somebody happy
- Look up, look down
- Be bold
- Create an image that doesn't last