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tweetarchive: Archive your Twitter feed to CSV

K https://github.com/ideoforms/tweetarchive

I've long wanted a method of exporting Twitter posts to a text-based format -- partly for the joy associated with being able to access my feed with standard text tools (twitter grep, anyone?), and partly for the peace of mind that's difficult to associate with a third-party content host. Their API also provides a limit of 3200 historical tweets per timeline, meaning that, eventually, your past posts will be inaccessible.

So, in a spare moment, I created tweetarchive, a lightweight Python-based tool to export complete timelines in CSV.


  • uses the tweepy library with oauth for protected accounts
  • only archives tweets created since your previous export
  • writes CSV output with user-specified format - so select what fields you'd like to archive
  • uses time delays to avoid hitting load throttling
  • client-side, meaning no need to give third-party apps access to your auth tokens

Download it here (requires git).


openlab fish The fifth edition of OpenLab is taking place this Saturday night in the fine surrounds of Dalston's Café Oto. I'll be presenting a quick howto on integrating SuperCollider and Processing for generative audio-visual works as part of the free daytime workshops, and performing with AtomSwarm during the evening. Entry for the night-time events is £5 to cover running costs.


K http://www.theoburt.com/index.php?page=gridlife1

Theo Burt's gridlife is an audiovisual hardware installation based on cellular automata, developed solely using open-source technologies. CA artworks are not a new concept (likewise for swarm models), but, for a digital grid of deterministically pulsing lights, it possesses a great deal of warmth.

It also makes interesting use of the perspectival listener to generate time-delayed microrhythms, evident in the creepy-crawly sounds towards the end of gridlife_audio_extracts.mp3. The subtly-phasing quantization effect suggests an insectoid mutation of Steve Reich.