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Hackpact 2009/09/#4: iPhone SuperCollider remote control


My iPhone Developer License materialized this morning. After a final resentful mutter about the inherent unpleasantness of being asked to pay to develop for a third-party platform, I starting hacking up the #hackpact day 1 OpenFrameworks code to communicate over OSC with SuperCollider - creating a bouncing, throwable and tippable particle system which remotely generates sound effects as particles collide. Latency is low, render rate is high, and it kind of feels like the ADC price tag is already justified. Principles, shminciples.

tech notes: as mentioned in the openframeworks forums, it's necessary to download the oscpack source and replace the headers+library in the openFrameworks distribution with a fresh code tree, which is then compiled afresh for the iPhone ARM architecture. A couple of lines relating to the 'Nil' constant also need commenting out.

Hackpact 2009/09/#1: iPhone + oF multitouch alpha


One week ago, I caved to the temptation and got an iPhone 3G S. Today, as the first of 30 hackpact creations, I installed the SDK plus memo's iPhone extensions for openFrameworks and hacked together my first app. OpenGL alpha blending + multi-particle grabbing/throwing /bouncing = fun.

Next step is to go through the arduous process of enrolling in the iPhone Developer Program in order to be able to even test it on the device itself. Sigh.