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English public information films of the 1970s

The best thing about YouTube is that it has encouraged an entire planet of VHS-hoarders to dig out and digitise terabytes' worth of apparently pointless historical video. And so it is that we are able to peer into the recent past at the trove of hilarity that is the 1970s English public information film. Most are furnished with a tone of utter condescension at their hapless, idiotic and utterly infantile public. We deserve it.

Fool for a father
"It's hard, having a fool for a father."

Electricy Hazards
"This man was safe. Until now."

Fatal Floor
"You might as well set a man-trap."

Old Fridges Can Kill
"Take off the door! Or smash the lock!"

Lonely Water
"I am the spirit of dark and lonely water..."

Rabies Outbreak
"Foxes will be destroyed."

Unashamedly inspired by this post by Robert Popper.