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Obama to nominate net neutrality advocate to head FCC

K http://www.theregister.co.uk/.../genachowski_next_fcc_chair/

The Register reports today that Barack Obama is to nominate Julius Genachowski, net neutrality advocate and his campaign's tech advisor, as the next head of the FCC. As the body responsible for regulating all communications in the US, including internet traffic, this is critical to the debate over network neutrality and should hopefully make these regulations a reality, securing the openness of information that has thus far characterised the net (though undoubtedly the debate will rage on).

Though net neutrality is less of a big deal in the UK due to the larger marketplace for ISPs that the average consumer has to select from, there's a good chance that the knock-on effects of this scenario will have ripples over here, as this article suggests. It's certainly a step forward for America's current fence-sitting communications policies.

What will happen to such travesties as the "PATRIOT" Act, dirtily slipped through Congress in the wake of 9/11 and enabling all manner of novel underhanded surveillance techniques, remains to be seen...