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Oblique Fucking Strategies

K http://www.obliquefuckingstrategies.com/

Hit a creative impasse? Bereft of original ideas? Seeking a radical new perspective for your problem-solving methodologies?

Oblique Fucking Strategies is an adaptation of this well-known 70s card set by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt (which, itself, appears to be a remix of the heuristic ideas of George Pólya). May be used for inspiration, motivation, or simple fucking tedium.

Oblique Fucking Strategies

Can also be found on Twitter, with one strategy appearing every few days.


The observant reader may have noticed an usually low density of posts in recent months. Various substantial commitments (this, this, this and this spring to mind), combined with a certain other outlet for microthoughts, seem to have diminished the flow of weblog material.

Such periods wax and wane, of course. Expect more here over the next few weeks as I try to address a backlog of material to document and publish, with the aim of bringing things up-to-date by the end of 2011.