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Complexity and Networks meeting on music, beauty and neuroscience

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Imperial's Complexity and Networks group are hosting a day-long meeting on music, beauty perception and neuroscience this coming May (Wednesday 19th). With a focus on the neural correlates of creative and aesthetic processes, and the complex dynamics thereof, it's one not to miss for art-and-emergence junkies.

See the attached list of talks (PDF) for more info.

New work at GDS EXPO 2010

The Goldsmiths Digital Studios (GDS) is a new audiovisual interaction laboratory here at Goldsmiths, University of London. We're celebrating its opening with GDS EXPO 2010, a day of seminars, installations and performances taking place next Wednesday (17 Feb).


As part of the launch, I'll be showing a new AV work in the studio's ambisonic space, hooking into the 3D motion capture and projection system. Above is an advance screen grab; more info, video and code coming soon...

Graph paper generator

K http://www.erase.net/projects/graph-paper/

What's better than graph paper? Of course, it's a tool to grow your own printable graph paper, sufficiently configurable to cater for the wildly divergent graph-paper needs of our times.

This Processing sketch (PDE) will generate single-weight, multi-weight and cross-grid graph paper in PDF format, with configurable weights and colours, support for metric and imperial measures, and control over margins and paper sizing. Unsupported, but should be simple to modify.

graph paper