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Archives: 2009-07

Tropical island blimp hangar + Christopher Morlinghaus

blimp hangar island

This is where I'd like to spend my next holiday: a tropical island-world enclosed within an ex-blimp-hangar south of Berlin.

Photographed by Christopher Morlinghaus, whose staggering architectural photography flips between the geometrically pure and viscerally complex.

(via @mariuswatz)

Complexity Digest

K http://turing.iimas.unam.mx/~comdig/

Shocked that I've never encountered this before, but Complexity Digest is a great source of current research across the spectrum of complexity, updated fortnightly. This issue: evolutionary genomics of H1H1, chaotic dynamics of urbanization, glider guns in 3D CAs, stromal cells in epithelial stem cell regulation, evolutionary game dynamics, etcetera.