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Archives: 2009-05

In B flat

K http://www.inbflat.net/

Strangely, quietly wonderful, In B flat is the nicest piece of net art I've seen in some time. Takes me back to the dream of a tangible "cyberspace" that would open tiny luminous windows onto distant lives.

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Signals From The Cosmos II


In T-minus one week, it's the second edition of our new monthly night of cosmic sounds at 93 Feat East, Signals From The Cosmos.

This month we have joined forces with London record label Thisisnotanexit (responsible for records from artists such as Hatchback, Detachments, Brain Machine and Spectral Empire) to celebrate their latest release, the new Ultralight EP from soon to be massive Canadian duo Parallels. Unfortunately we can't afford to get Parallels to London to play for us, but we do have TINAE label boss Simon A. Carr performing a rare DJ set. Expect future music of the highest order.

In addition we will be giving away a copy of this awesome record to one lucky winner. Best of all, entry is free.


Simon A. Carr (Thisisnotanexit)

and your regular hosts:


Ad Hoc

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Heavy Pencil at the ICA


This Thursday at the ICA, I'll be DJing to a night of live drawing by Mimi and Tom, as part the regular Heavy Pencil series. The idea is that I'll be creating live remixes of their own sound work, interspersed with tracks selected by them, for a kind of sensory cross-pollination: drawing in response to music in response to drawing, ad infinitum. It'll be great fun having such a wild and weird sonic (and visual) palette to work from.