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Archives: 2008-10

Cybersonica Social: In 3 Dimensions

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After an extended summer hiatus, the Cybersonica Social (née Çonic) returns with a new thematic monthly form and a new location: the Flea Pit, a great little venue on Columbia Road [E27RG].

This month's remit is "In 3 Dimensions". It's pretty rare that a night like this has a real cube-format 3D sound system on offer, so I jumped at the offer to be involved. Also on the night:

‘In 3 Dimensions’ features a set of 3D music by Martyn Ware of Illustrious - 80s pop icon and co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17 - with live visuals by Fat Butcher; a screening of the D-Fuse & Illustrious 2007 FPS–A LONDON CONVERSATION - a commission for the opening of the new BFI building; a range of work from squidsoup including Driftnet - a spatialised musical environment navigated by bird-like flight; Daniel Jones‘ AtomSwarm - a three dimensional sonic ecosystem; and screenings of works from The Sancho Plan, Tal Rosner and the D-Fuse ‘VJ Culture’ book DVD.

In other news, more new material and gigs as The Capsized Smiles, including a UV-lit art show at the end of the month...