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Archives: 2008-07

Previews of the Glitch-a-Sketch


I've been tasked with curating and co-ordinating this Thursday's episode of the monthly What They Could Do: Escape! event series. It's billed as "an "incandescent spectacle of all things electric", with the rough idea that each of the acts are working in some way with electricity - see the full lineup for more details. I'm particularly excited to finally be able to see the marvellous Strange Attractor vs Disinformation in the flesh, after recently catching screenings of their performances at Open Source City.

I've also used this as motivation to realise the long-germinating idea of the "Glitch-a-Sketch", a modified version of a TV Etch-a-Sketch game which will be projected onto a big screen at the event and playable by visitors. As the sketcher draws on screen, a second "player" can experimentally short-circuit the innards of the device via a series of exposed wires, creating chaotic glitch graphics as shown above.

five: an exercise in enumeration

K http://www.five.noise.org.uk/

five takes a reductionist approach to the similarly obsessive practices of blogging and listmaking, presented as an open series of short and often playful lists.

It's a project that I started in 2006 but then left dormant for some time. I really liked the idea, so I'm happy to say that it's recently been rekindled with a handful of new authors.

Ghost in the machine

The unspoken reliance on being wired into the system only becomes visible when the wires are severed -- which is unfortunately my current situation, as I watch my laptop go through the latest of its death-throes, beginning with optical drive issues and now mutating into what I suspect to be logic board or IDE controller failure. Whatever, I'm laptopless for the moment, so only checking email sporadically.

Inevitably, the part of me that secretly wants to escape technology is rejoicing, as it's finally allowed the time to pick up one of the many unread books that seem to continually accumulate next to my bed...