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Archives: 2008-06

Gig: Open Source City

I'm playing as Ad Hoc at this Saturday's Open Source City event in Liverpool, at the tail end of a diverse week of workshops and presentations. The set is going to be built around a glitchy live cutup of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate, rendering this arrhythmic vocal piece into something metrical and (hopefully) danceable...

Also this week is the second What They Could Do: Escape! (Herne Hill, London) with one of our strongest lineups yet. Thursday 19th June night, free.

Herb Alpert Makes Summer

It's times like this I ask myself, Why the hell did I skip past every herb alpert record I ever came across when rummaging through charity shop vinyl? He is in.cred.ible.

The trumpet falling into the picture frame pool! The band playing on the stalls of an empty stadium! The trumpeter running across the beachfront! The army of Charlie Chaplin impersonators! The mysterious lone man at the end - Alpert himself?

Why did nobody ever tell me?

+ more, + more...

New on the web

New stuff, and some old:

  • erase labs are an ancient gathering ground for experiments and web doodles, defunct until recently when I was encouraged to revive them by the simple starfield CSS sketch. All source code provided.
  • In my day job, as web developer at Goldsmiths art college, we've just relaunched the Student and Staff parts of the site, the first phases of a comprehensive restructure/redesign. It's quite an improvement.
  • Photos are also now up from the Ad Hoc gig at Cybersonica Çonic Social. Good night in a good little venue.