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Archives: 2008-03

AtomSwarm source now available

K http://www.erase.net/projects/atomswarm/

Screenshot After months of good intentions being ousted by other priorities, I'm pleased to have finally found the time to finish cleaning up and documenting the core classes of AtomSwarm, a Processing-based framework for musical improvisation based on swarm behaviours. It's perhaps not the cleanest set of source in the world, but provides a useful basis for other swarm work and contains information on the genetic and metabolic constructs that co-determine the swarm's behaviours.

X on Y #1

robert henke on laptop performance in the supercomputer age /
björk on stockhausen and galaxy formation /
kevin kelly on videogame ontogeny /
alex galloway on network decentralization and control /

Diagram fetishism from Free Patents Online

K http://images.google.co.uk/images

The ideal outlet for those who share my obsessive fascination with intricate schematics: Google Image search of freepatentsonline.com.

Portable printer having automatic print alignment (US patent #6609844)

Light emitting diode carrier (US patent #6964499)

Cardiac disease treatment method (US patent #6582355)

Steam injection manifold arrangement having steam discharge orifice arrangement adjustable to vary discharge width (US patent #7194851)

Methods of reading and manufacturing industrial diagnostic gauges for reading in no light and low light conditions (US patent #6536295)

Steering column (US patent #6666478)

On a related note, xkcd hits the paydirt as usual with its great two-dimensional fruit chart.

From Albert Speer to David Lynch: The strange lineage of Teufelsberg

Going through old material to publish online, I happened upon the piece that I wrote to accompany Julia's article for They Did magazine. It describes the history of Teufelsberg ("Devil's Mountain"), a man-made mountain west of Berlin that later became a key NSA radar station in the cold war.

Unearthing this piece reminded me of the addendum that I've intended to write since the end of last year. In November, the David Lynch "Invincible Germany" story spread wildly around the web, implicating him alongside a Transcedental Meditation guru whose rhetoric rung a little too close to that of National Socialism. There's even the obligatory YouTube video of the lecture, and a later response from Lynch himself.

However, what really captured my attention was the fact that Lynch has purchased Teufelsberg as the site for a future cathedral to Transcendental Meditation - an "invincible university" atop Devil's Mountain, and the latest in a series of its radical reinventions. As Time observe, Lynchian indeed.

Garfield Minus Garfield

K http://garfieldminusgarfield.tumblr.com/

Garfield Minus Garfield is a sublime take on the abject loneliness of American suburbia.

Your Collective: Camberwell arts group seeks proposals

Your Collective is a group of art students based at Camberwell College of Art (including What They Could Do's Josh Pollen) whose stated aim is to accept and execute proposals from the public realm. The resulting work will then be displayed in their online gallery space.

They're currently seeking proposals, ideas and briefs for their first call, based around photographic work.

Tell us what to do. Please include whether you want us complete your brief in an hour, a day or a week.

The suggestions can be abstract or literal, should primarily be of photographic nature though. We have the last word, so to speak. We will interpret the briefs subjectively after our own ideas and select the medium (sculpture, short film, photograph...) . The final outcome will probably be some kind of interactive online gallery.

Send your proposals directly via email (yourcollective (at) yahoo (dot) com) or post it on our blog: YOUR COLLECTIVE.

Here are some possible examples for proposals:

- Find a solution
- Take a picture of dirty laundry
- Photograph your happiness
- Make somebody happy
- Look up, look down
- Be bold
- Create an image that doesn't last