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South London sound art events

Tomorrow (January 31st) at Goldsmiths University, Joe Banks of Disinformation is talking on Rorschach audio and the tendency to romanticize and creatively inflate perceived EVP phenomena:

“Rorschach Audio” offers the primary hypothesis that an understanding of the relevant aspects of psychoacoustics provides a complete explanation for most EVP recordings, and a secondary hypothesis that an informed understanding of these processes is as important to understanding the emergent field of sound art as studies of optical illusions have historically been to understanding visual art.

Next month (February 22nd), Experiment 1 Arts Collective present Flesh and Flame, a night of performance art, music, sculpture and flesh, taking place at Corsica Studios in Elephant. It looks to be a great night, and tickets are half price until the end of January.

What They Could Do, They Did at Ginglik, this Thursday


For 2008, What They Could Do, They Did are intending to shift their focus away from monolithic multi-day shows, instead staging a number of one-day (or -night) events around London and the wider world. The first of these is taking place this Thursday night at Ginglik, Shepherd's Bush, and features an assortment of music, film and DJs, including the first Ad Hoc + Mixpaste audio/video remix set for quite some time.

More info here....

Project updates: NOY! Digital, Score treatments, Ad Hoc

K http://www.erase.net/projects/

As part of an effort to gather together material on all of the various things that I've been involved with over the past couple of years, I've expanded or created a handful of new project pages:


AtomSwarm performance and talk at SpACE-Net

K http://space-net.org.uk/

In a couple of weeks' time, I'll be talking about AtomSwarm at the SpACE-Net International Spatial Audio workshop (University of York, Wednesday 23rd January) and its usage within a 5.1 surround environment, featuring a 5.1 performance with the latest version of the software.

One of the keynote addresses is by Chris Watson, who's been putting soundfield microphones and 5.1 technologies to extraordinary use in his field recordings. I was lucky enough to catch Chris giving a recording workshop as part of FACT's New Tools series, which has since turned out to be invaluable - so expect good things.

Weblog rebirth

Ushering in a renewed age of fervour for Web 1.0 technologies is the long-overdue return of the erase weblog. This time around, I intend to avoid self-indulgent missives and instead focus on documenting resources relating to the remit of this site as a whole - that is, contemporary cross-cultural phenomena, complex systems and emergence, relational/information aesthetics and bio-art, open source technologies, cartography, design, architecture, and probably an endless host of other things.

It'll also provide an ongoing document of the research and development of my own projects, accompanied by media and source code as they become available.

(Now unsure whether the above may, on reflection, qualify as a "self-indulgent missive".)