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Michael Dzjaparidze - The Schrödinger equation

I am smitten with this audiovisual piece by Michael Dzjaparidze. Based upon the Schrödinger equation — a central tenet of quantum mechanics, which describes the behaviour as a particle as its wavefunction equivalent — it is thoroughly conceptually faithful as well as aesthetically impressive.

Dzjaparidze states:

The curves obtained from the equation are for instance used as envelopes for the different sound layers but also as probability functions which determine duration, (quantized) pitch, density etc. of the grains and the additive 'waves'.

Most of the sounds for this piece are a combination of granular and additive synthesis so as to be conceptually in accordance with the wave-particle duality of all matter and radiation. The frequencies for all sounds are based on the Lyman series.

The author has also produced a number of studies in pure FM synthesis, whose organic richness is a refreshing escape from the notoriously harsh digital overtones of the typical FM sound.