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Hackpact, September 2009

Over the next 30 days, I'm participating in what has been termed a hackpact, a notion suggested by Alex a few days ago and immediately adopted by a decent group of others.

The concept is simple: create something and publicly document it, each day for a month. It's a kind of distributed cousin of Thing-A-Day, though inspired by a quite different sort of practice.

I'll thus be posting daily with an image and a paragraph or so on whatever I have produced. Many things should be created from scratch; some will be works in progress, and others will be (unashamedly) cleaning up and publishing the jumble of half-finished work that languish around various hard disks.

I've also created a personal Twitter profile for the purpose, where I'll be posting daily with the #hackpact tag. Alternatively, follow this list of hackpact-tagged blog posts.