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Hackpact 2009/09/#2: Modal Processing SVG sketch for PEAL


For this year's Sound And Music Expo, taking place imminently in Leeds, I'm developing the interactive visual elements for Peal, a virtual bell tower realized with lasers, LEDs, surround sound and projection. Lewis and Nick of Monomatic have asked me to transform Malcolm Garrett's vector-based design work into a responsive application that somehow ties together the various elements of bellringing (time, communality, musicality, circularity) into an animated projection, reflecting the current state of the virtual bells as well as providing live scores to established sets of changes.

Lots of concepts to take on board, not least dealing with scalable vector graphics (SVG) in Processing, which is what I've been doing today. The idea is that the application is multi-modal -- switching between contexts based a combination of the time of day and the signalling from the electronics that make up the physical part of the installation -- and so must be able to fade gracefully between different display states.

I might well shoe-horn at least one more Peal-related dev session into the hackpact.