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Signals From The Cosmos

K http://www.signalsfromthecosmos.com/

Signals From The Cosmos is a new monthly residency at 93 Feet East that I am beginning this week (as Ad Hoc), alongside Scott Urlaubshits. Guests this month are the West End Boys, formerly of La Supercool Discotheque. We'll be playing (and I quote) cosmic disco, mutant house, future acid, radiophonic techno and low slung dubbed out grooves.

We're aesthetically angling it somewhere in the retro-futurist continuum somewhere between 1950s American comics and the cold-war Soviet space race. Here's the first flyer of the series...

If you're socially disposed, send a transmission to our Facebook group or MySpace profile.

I'll also be debuting a series of experimental live video pieces to accompany the night. The first is a live video kaleidoscope, created in a few fun minutes playing with Apple's Quartz Composer.