Project: processing-sc / Class: Server

Class: Server

Represents a single instance of a SuperCollider server. A default global server is created upon startup, Server.local, corresponding to the local server with the default port of 57110.


  • NetAddress addr - contains the server's port and IP address
  • Group default_group - the server's default group, to which nodes are added by default (node ID 1)
  • Group root_group - the server's root group, to which nodes should not normally be added (node ID 0)
  • float latency - messaging latency in seconds, used for accurate message scheduling (default 0.05)
  • Server Server.local - class var, contains the default local server (port 57110)


Server (String ip, int port)

Create a new server object, interfacing with the given IP address and port.

SuperCollider's default local server is assigned the address, and can be accessed with the class var Server.local.

void Server.init()

Class method, used to initialize the local server and preload the OSC/SuperCollider classes. This is automatically called when a Synth, Group, Buffer or Bus object is first created. However, this introduces a delay at runtime, which can be avoided by calling Server.init() beforehand.

void freeAll()
Free all nodes.