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Source code and resources underlying projects produced here and elsewhere.

For more, see github.com/ideoforms.

SuperCollider interfaces SuperCollider classes and development Python
  • PyLive: Query and control Ableton Live from Python
  • PCR1000.py: Framework to interface with the ICOM PCR1000 radio receiver
  • isobar: A Python library for algorithmic composition by expressing and constructing musical patterns
  • python-twitter-examples: Examples of using Python for Twitter data mining, using Python Twitter Tools.
  • tweetarchive: A lightweight twitter archiving tool
  • pysoso: A minimal web-based RSS reader, using Flask
  • LuminOrder: An OS X app to reorder a video in order of its frames' brightness levels, developed using Cinder.
  • Markup Melodium: A JavaScript framework which translates webpages into music
  • videostream (2007)
  • refs (2002)